Here is the next part of our story.

Part 1 by Bartek

Part 2 Enni

Part 3 by Me

Part 4 by Apple

Part 5 by Lloyd

Part 6 byLucas

Part 7 by Bartek

Part 8 by Enni

Part 9 by Amanda

Unless the time had come for us to do our duty.

Agatha must have seen it coming. But what had she seen exactly. My death? Her’s? Both of us? Or something worse?

I had to talk to her. But how, how could I get through to her when only mum could reach her in this state. I knew one thing for certain I had to try.

Ann in her rage about the death of her boyfriend was a danger to everything my sister and I stood for. I didn’t want to kill her, but I had to keep her silent.

Catching her unawares I jumped on her back and wrestled her too the floor. It wasn’t easy she was a hefty girl. Once I had her there, I used her dressing gown cord to tie her wrists. Then grabbing and pinching her ears I hauled her to her feet and marched her up the stairs. When I got to the top step where the new symbol was carved, I shouted “Why did you do this?”

Sarcarstically she said. “I didn’t. I’ve never been here before remember.” I slapped her cheek bringing tears to her eyes.

“Try again.” I snarled.

“I swear I never.” She sobbed.


What the hell. The voice seemed to come from beyond the door to the junk room. Knitting my bushy brows together I listened in concentration. When the voice came again I dragged Ann through the jumble of boxes to the mirror.

“STAR JUMPS” screamed the voice from behind the mirror, as well as perfectly in unison , Ann who was stood beside me.

She struggled out of my grip, they were shouting “Star Jumps”  to each other,  After each shout she actually tried to Star jump but it was difficult with the cord around her wrists. If that wasn’t bad enough each time she landed a symbol on the mirror lit up.

”  Mit!  Do something quick.” It was Agatha. She looked awful – almost like a corpse.

I had no weapon just my Zippo. I flicked the flame and rammed it into Ann’s greasy hair. It was the best I could do without hurting her too badly. Her singed hair stank making us all gag.

The lights on the symbols went out, the new wood carving disappeared, but shockingly my mum and dad’s image appeared in the mirror. I turned expecting to see them, but there was only Agatha there. Standing, but her eyes rolled back up so far only the whites showed.

“Hahaha. Do something Mit!” Ann accused mockingly.

So I……..













      1. At first I was like what the hell is he doing … well he is a mix breed coz of his situation ☺️☺️☺️ he is the main character so is good if he has some dark or negative side or a flaw in his character that made readers to stick to the story

        Liked by 2 people

  1. Does this mean the boyfriend or at least his essence is still there? Is the mirror the main thing or Agatha? What’s Mithra going to do?
    These are the sort of questions that get people wanting to see the next bit, these are the questions you’ve made me ask. Well done.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. On second thoughts I am not sure as I don’t mind research but have no clue on sci-fi future tech and not sure I want to decipher codes to get the research. However, I will follow the story as I think it’s hugely interesting idea and would like to see how the tale develops.


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